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Steel sheet piling has established itself in many application areas. Its high economic efficiency and excellent material properties guarantee reliable solutions.
The properties of steel material are decisive in the use of stee
l sheet piling as a prefabricated element. Various structural solutions result, in addition to a wide range of application areas.

Advantages of steel sheet piling
  •  saves soil excavation and therefore disposal
  • shortens construction time through the use of space-saving sheet pile elements ready to installation
  • requires little space during construction
  • increases safety and provides immediate load-bearing capacity
  • construction is independent of weather influences
  • simplifies the testability of the material and system properties (even during usage phase)
  • guaranties recyclable building materials
Sheet piling must meet exacting requirements
  • it needs to be highly durable as a retaining wall since loads have been to be transferred vertically and horizontally
  • as an enclosure wall, it has to be guarantee complete seal tightness in any soil composition, and also has to meet the highest in environmental requirements especially when used to encapsulate contaminants in disposal sites
Solutions for all requirements
Constructions of transport routes (road and rail)
  • support walls
  • noise protection walls
  • bridge abutments
  • ramps
  • sunken roads/ groundwater retention
  • tunnels
Civil engineering
  • site excavations
  • foundations
  • trench sheeting
  • underground car parks
  • house building
Water engineering                              
  • quay walls
  • dock constructions
  • dolphins
  • ro-ro facilities
  • waterway supports
  • retaining walls
  • securing embankments
  • berth facilities
  • scour protection
Water engineering structures
  • locks
  • weirs
  • bridge abutments
  • culverts
  • safety gates
  • flood protection walls
  • pier foundations
  • inlets and outlet
Environment protection
Landfills, contaminated sites and enclosures
  • vertical-sealed enclosure walls
  • excavations for soil replacement
  • tank enclosures
  • refuse tipping ramps
Noise abatement
  • noise protection walls
Water protection
  • pumping stations
  • sewage works
  • storm water overflow basins
  • storm water retention basins
  • securing embankments
Catalogs and Brochures
  1. Product range sheet pile sections 
  2. Sheet Piling Handbook Tables       

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